Colorful images of 'Lavender Festival' appeared in Didim

Colorful images of 'Lavender Festival' appeared in Didim

In the Didim district of AYDIN city, a lavender festival was held for the first time after the lavenders, which were planted by the municipality in 2015, grown the desired level.

In 2015, a Nursery of Medicinal Aromatic Plants and Ornamental Plants was established on 55 decares of land in Akkoy Kocabahce by the municipality of Didim. The lavender festival was held for the first time this year, as the lavenders grown and reached the desired level after many years. Domestic and foreign tourists showed great interest in the festival. The guests took lots of photos in the lavender field, which offers a visual feast. At the festival, Ukrainian models became the focus of attention with the lavender clothes they wore. It was stated that the festival, which was held for the first time, will be traditional and annual in coming years.


Didim Mayor Ahmet Deniz Atabay said, “We have waited patiently for our field to reach this level for a long time. We grow 10 kinds of medicinal plants from their seeds and unoil them. We will be working hard starting next year. We would have been busier if it weren't for the pandemic. In the coming years, we will be able to export lavender abroad, many companies in the country have demanded from us. We want our employees to take up this job as a profession. Lavender is an important product for Tourism. It is new for Turkey, but it has already started in Europe and other countries. There is a new phenomenon that we call agro-tourism, in which agriculture and tourism are intertwined. Our region is very advantageous for this. But we have to make good use of the opportunities we have. We just got into this business for this. Tourism is my main occupation. We waited very patiently for it to reach this level. We wanted tourists felt it by touching lavender."

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